Feel like taking your scene to the next level? Sing about it!

Musical Improv Essentials will help players heighten any improv scene, long-form and short, through the power of song. Over 8 weeks students will learn the fundamentals of vocal performance, the basic mechanics of songwriting, explore popular musical genres, discover an individual freestyling flow, and gain incredible confidence on and off stage.

At the end of the session, students will get to create their own format and perform in the very first Village Theatre Musical Improv Showcase! Can’t carry a tune? Doesn’t matter! This course requires no musical training or skill; however, it is strongly encouraged that students have completed at least two levels of improv training.

Prerequisites At least 2 levels of improv training
Mondays (7:30pm-9:30pm)
Start Date May 4
Price $200
Class Size 14 students
Sessions 8 sessions, 2 hours each

Jenny Holden

Jenny Holden is an actor/improviser from the armpits of northern Georgia. In her near-10-year career, Jenny has had the pleasure of touring internationally with Baby Wants Candy, Mission Improvable, Batsu!, and The Chippendales (yes, those Chippendales). In 2019, she was a member of the Improvaganza International Company in Edmonton, Canada, became a Main Village Cast member, and co-created acclaimed sci-fi duo Cruella.

She has trained and performed with Second City, iO, The Annoyance, Laughing Matters, Dad’s Garage Theatre Co. and The Village. She lives with two pups (Ned and Hansel), a worm farm, and a cat she was only supposed to watch for like a month and it’s been a year. Currently, you can see Jenny in Cruella, Main Cast shows, Laughing Matters, Improv A**hole, Improvised Vagina Monologues, Spitball, Etc!, and Inglorious at The Village and around town. Check her out on instagram @willfriedle or the twitter she should use more often @wwesmackcam.