“Movement never lies. It is a barometer telling the state of the soul’s weather to all who can read it.”― Martha Graham.

This class focuses on getting students out of their heads and into their bodies, active listening, and exploring each moment onstage! We communicate with our bodies long before we have the words. Character Physicality will connect you back to that sense of play and discovery. Memorable characters can be found in gesture, posture, and pace, creating a language all their own before words enter the stage. Empower you to connect with yourself and view Silence as a dear friend.

We will utilize the techniques and training of Commedia del Arte and Viewpoints to get students in touch with their physical instrument. Through Commedia we will harness the specificity of physical language, and how a lazzi can be used in our own improv. We will utilize the 9 Viewpoints to break us out of our bad habits, learn to create relationships in space, and use our bodies as our primary communication.

Students completing this class will be able to:
1.Create characters through the body.
2.Recognize and build physical language in an improv set.
3.Tell stories without words.
4.Recognize and adjust the tone of an improv set.
5.Harness the magic of their body for comedy.

Want to become a stellar physical improv player? Looking to connect with your bodyand stop word vomiting for the sake of word vomiting on stage? Want to get a rigorous improv workout in with other folks ready to grow? Then join us.​

PrerequisitesAt least 2 levels of improv training
Saturdays (1pm-4pm) *off week April 25
Start DateApril 4
Class Size10 students
Sessions6 sessions, 3 hours each


Jesse Young

Jesse has been improvising for 13 years. She started in college with her campus troupe The Dead Parrots Society, allowing her to travel and learn from artists such as mime Bill Bower and stunt trainer David Boushey. Previously she was a Mainstage player and Host at Ryan Stiles: The Upfront Theatre. While there she worked with Jet City in Seattle and Instant Theatre Company in Canada. Living in New York she played and studied with The Pit and The Upright Citizens Brigade. Later living in Los Angeles, she studied at Groundlings and performed at iO West. And then…A career move took her once again across the country, this time to Atlanta! She found a vibrant improv community, and a new family at The Village Theatre.