The Village Theatre offers an extensive 4- level improvisational comedy training program, sketch classes, comedy skill building workshops, and advanced electives. Click on any image for more details on each course and registration information. Still have questions? Email classes@villagecomedy.com


Improv Core Classes

Over the course of the core program you will learn and continue to improve your understanding of the rules of improv acting and the fun behind improv games. As you progress through the levels you’ll receive instruction from experienced Village Theatre improvisers.



Village Theatre Electives are a great way to deep dive on a specific topic. Elective courses change constantly, and there is no guarantee when or if we will offer a specific course again. 


Village Theatre workshops are typically 1-2 day trainings from guest instructors from all over and focus on specific topics and skills. We rotate these offerings constantly.

Improv Intensives

Village Theatre Improv Intensives allow you to complete an entire Level 1 or Level 2 improv course in just a week. Great for anyone looking to immerse themselves in training.