Level 2 is all about the theory of Game, becoming a team player, and crushing shortform! Learn the skills to tackle any shortform game, as well as how shortform games can be applied to longform play. This class will expand your improv toolkit while building on the skills from Level 1, and you’ll have a ton of fun doing it!

PrerequisitesLevel 1 Improv
Pick 1)
Mondays (7:30-9:30pm)
Sundays (1:00-3:00pm)
Start DateMondays – March 30
Sundays  – April 5
Class Size12 students
Sessions8 sessions, 2 hours each
Monday Grad show May 24 @ 6pm
Sunday Grad Show May 31 @ 6pm

Jesse Young
Instructor, Monday + Sunday


Jesse has been improvising for 13 years. She started in college with her campus troupe The Dead Parrots Society, allowing her to travel and learn from artists such as mime Bill Bower and stunt trainer David Boushey. Previously she was a Mainstage player and Host at Ryan Stiles: The Upfront Theatre. While there she worked with Jet City in Seattle and Instant Theatre Company in Canada. Living in New York she played and studied with The Pit and The Upright Citizens Brigade. Later living in Los Angeles, she studied at Groundlings and performed at iO West. And then…A career move took her once again across the country, this time to Atlanta! She found a vibrant improv community, and a new family at The Village Theatre.