Marc Mooney

Marc Mooney was born in Lancaster, Ohio, the hometown of General William Tecumseh Sherman. Mooney now lives in Atlanta, aka Sherman’s Highlight Reel.

But enough about that Civil War hero/villain. Here’s a look at Mooney through the years.

4th Grade: Improvises first longform scene not knowing that longform or even improv exists. On the playground of North Elementary School, Mooney’s televangelist character gets half the class to donate lest they spend “eternity in detention.”

7th Grade: Writes first sketch for English class. Big laughs. Hooked on writing comedy/ignoring girls for life.

High School: Cast as “Brother Dan” in Lancaster High School’s production of “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.” A member of the show choir threatens him for being a walk-on and stealing “his” role. A lesson in show business is learned.

College: Majors in Communications, the go-to degree for would-be TV writers, burnouts and professional athletes. Adds English major to add a little “academic backbone.” Comedic references become more obscure and insufferable.

After College: Debt, work, improv and sketch.